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Get the support you need to make permanent changes to your health from virtually anywhere.

service-07We understand that you have a busy schedule and it´s not always easy to leave work or home. Technology has made the provision of nutrition counseling more convenient and accessible for both the provider and the client.

Research has shown that Skype and telephone-based interventions effectively boost nutritional health, prevent relapses and communicate clinical advice, especially for clients with limited access to medical services.

Prajakta at Right Nutrition Works offers online nutrition counseling via phone or Skype.

By using Skype/telephone-based counseling as your complement therapy to in-person care, this consult will be as personalized as if you were meeting with your own personal nutritionist in a face-to-face nutrition counseling session.

We will set up a specific time for your one-on-one Skype or phone consultation in the privacy without ever leaving your office or home.

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