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Means wind/ movement. People with predominant Vata Dosha are typically fast moving, quick thinking and talkative. They have a small frame and usually lighter in weight. Some other Vata Dosha qualities include a tendency toward worry, aversion to cold weather. These people have light/interrupted sleep, has dry skin.

To keep your Vata in balance eat warm foods and drinks. Choose boiled and steamed vegetables and ripe fruits. Choose cooked cereals and grains and variety of soups over dry and crunchy foods.

Eat your food in a peaceful environment. Follow your regular daily routine. Go to bed early. Meditate daily.


Pitta- in-Nutshell 


Means heat/fire. People with predominant Pitta Dosha are typically moderate build, a tendency toward irritability and anger, aversion to hot weather, prefers cold foods and drinks. These people have sharp hunger and strong digestion, lustrous skin complexion, good energy, and contentment.

To keep your Pitta in balance eat a variety of green vegetables, ripe fruits and use ghee or olive oil in cooking. Favor warm temperature foods and not hot, and also cool or lukewarm drinks.

Eat your food in a peaceful environment and avoid eating food while you are angry. Follow your regular daily routine. Avoid overworking. Meditate daily.


Kapha- in-Nutshell 


Means fluidity and structure. People with predominant Kapha Dosha are typically heavy build, have greater strength and endurance. These people are slow to become excited or irritated. People with predominant Kapha Dosha have oily, smooth skin, heavy long sleep, and slow digestion.

To keep your Kapha in balance eat green, leafy cooked vegetables. Eat fewer root vegetables such as potatoes, sweet potatoes, and beets. Fruits especially apples, pear, papaya, pomegranate, cranberries, and figs will help you balance Kapha.

Eat your food in a loving environment. Avoid overeating. Go to bed early and rise early. Avoid day time naps. Mediate daily.