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Food is the essence of life. You might love eating certain foods, but realize those foods might not love you. Sometimes the foods we eat are the cause of dysfunction and ill health. More often than not, it’s hard to know which foods are the culprits. That’s when a food allergy or food sensitivity test is helpful.

  • Do you want to feel yourself, but aren’t sure where to start?
  • Do you want to be more energized during the day and sleep well at night?
  • Do you want relief from symptoms such as – migraine headaches, colitis, gas/bloating, leaky gut, and IBS?

Studies have proven that approximately 60% of all undiagnosed symptoms are due to underlying food allergies or food sensitivities. By eliminating the foods from your diet that bother you and give you symptoms, you can experience new levels of vitality, energy and cheerfulness.


  • Your chronic conditions are well under control.
  • You are active and full of energy during the day while getting a good night sleep every night.
  • Your symptoms of abdominal cramping, bloating/gas, and migraine headaches are well under control.


   • Abdominal Cramping

   • Bloating/Gas

   • Migraine Headaches

   • Leaky Gut

   • IBS

   • Ulcerative Colitis

allergy-testing-phoenix-surpriseA blood test for food allergies /sensitivities checks your blood for antibodies that your body may be making to specific foods. The blood test for food allergies will show the list of problematic foods. Right Nutrition Works will help you manage your symptoms related to possible food allergies by offering a food allergy blood test.

If you think that you may have possible food allergies and/or have any symptoms, take control of your health. Call 623-556-3886 or email to schedule your appointment for food allergy test.


+ One 60 min Session with a Dietitian


Weight Down, Energy Up! —

Prajakta is wonderful to work with. I had been having issues with my stomach and sleep for a few years. It wasn’t until I started to gain weight very fast that I knew I needed help. I reached out and right away she began to help me. From finding out my food sensitivities to correcting my diet to healing my gut, she took a step by step approach and guided me to feel so much better. My weight dropped back down to where it should be and my energy is up. Many of my gut health issues have been resolved and I have finally started to feel normal again. I would recommend her over and over again.

R. Price

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