Dietitian-guided Grocery Tour

Empowered Shopping is in Your Future

Many people walk into the grocery store and feel out of control.
Are you;

  • Confused as what to fill your grocery cart with?
  • Tired and bored of buying the same type of foods over and over?
  • Overwhelmed about reading food labels?
  • Spending too much money on food?

You will never shop the same way again

Grocery shopping can be a daunting task if you are unsure what to buy and how to buy. Remove this stress when you take a shopping trip with me, where I show you how to shop with an eye towards your HEALTH GOALS. I will help you learn how to shop right in a practical and interactive way.

You will walk away with;

  • The knowledge to make healthy and smart food choices,
  • Understand nutrition label reading, so you make EMPOWERED food choices,
  • Confidence in how to choose new ingredients and healthy on-the-go options,
  • Answers to all your food and nutrition questions,
  • Grocery shopping and meal planning tips.

Empower yourself to Change your Life

Empower yourself to change your life and your nutrition by learning what you should be filling your grocery cart with.

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Bring a friend with you and share the cost. Interested in doing this as a group? No worries. I can arrange the grocery tour for groups of up to 5 people. You share the cost and learn a lot.

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