Customized Healthy Meal Plans

Diabetes  |  Anti-inflammatory  |  Low FODMAP  | Plant Based


Say “GOODBYE” to wondering “what to make for dinner” and say “hello” to tasty, nutritious recipes delivered straight to your inbox each week. You’ll save time by not having to meal plan or make a grocery list. In addition, you can put your mind at ease that you’re serving yourself healthy AND delicious meals.

For less than $1/day you’ll receive a pre-populated meal plan with over 30 recipes plus a smart grocery list. Better yet, every recipe includes calorie counts and macronutrient breakdown. We understand you need flexibility as well. So, if you see a recipe you don’t like, feel free to add/replace with your preferred ingredients and make it your own! Customizable meal plan choices include: Anti-Inflammatory, Diabetes, Low FODMAP or Plant Based.

Save time and eat delicious healthy meals every night.

Choose from fully customizable OR “done for you” meal plans with grocery lists. Staying healthy has never been easier! Just select the right meal plan that suits your lifestyle.


Diabetes Meal Plan


Anti-Inflammatory Meal Plan


Low FODMAP Meal Plan


Plant Based Meal Plan


Don’t see what you’re looking for? Right Nutrition Works would be happy to provide you different menu options or create a customizable meal plan JUST FOR YOU! Call 623-556-3886 or email

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Prajakta is wonderful to work with. I had been having issues with my stomach and sleep for a few years. It wasn’t until I started to gain weight very fast that I knew I needed help. I reached out and right away she began to help me. From finding out my food sensitivities to correcting my diet to healing my gut, she took a step by step approach and guided me to feel so much better. My weight dropped back down to where it should be and my energy is up. Many of my gut health issues have been resolved and I have finally started to feel normal again. I would recommend her over and over again.

R. Price

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