Gut Healing Program

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Gut health is so important to your body. If your gut isn’t healthy, every aspect of overall health can become compromised. From immunity, to skin quality, even mental health.

Right Nutrition Works helps clients throughout Surprise, Arizona who are experiencing bloating, abdominal distention, excessive burping, abdominal cramping, loss of appetite, fatigue, chronic constipation, diarrhea and challenges to lose weight. Instead of just treating the symptom, together we’re going to get to the root cause of the problem. More often than not, these symptoms are occurring because of a gut problem.

chronic-constipation-doctor-surpriseMany people make their circumstances worse because of undiagnosed food sensitivities & intolerances. We’ll test for food ​malabsorption (a.k.a: leaky gut), micronutrient deficiencies, candida and parasite infections. When you work with me, you can be assured I’ll treat the whole body.

In fact, to help you fix your gut naturally and feel NORMAL again, I offer a FREE 2-DAY ONLINE WORKSHOP where I guide you through effective strategies that I teach my clients to fix their gut so they can get back to living a normal life. Click Here to Reserve Your Spot.


   • IBS

   • IBD

   • Ulcerative Colitis

   • SIBO

   • Parasite Infection

   • Candida

Results from my Gut Healing Program



   • Completely Symptom Free

   • More Energy

   • Better Mood

   • Improved Muscle Mass

   • Better Focus & Attention

registered-dietitian-surprise-nutritionist-gut-healing-detoxLet’s be real. It took a while for your gut to be imbalanced. Therefore, it will take some time to heal your gut correctly. In all honesty…maybe 3–6 months. There is no magic pill to fix the root cause of what’s happening. A pill will only mask the symptom(s) and further exacerbate the problems in your gut.

I am a “Registered Dietitian Nutritionist” who understands the process of balancing your gut using nutrition and quality supplements. Speciality tests may be required to get to the root cause of your issue and treat it completely. These tests may include: food sensitivity testing, micronutrient testing, stool analysis or a test to identify leaky gut. By the time you’ve completed my gut healing program you will be free of all symptoms you’re suffering from.

Prajakta is one of a kind! She goes above and beyond to ensure her client gets the best clinical advice for their situation, along with guidance, and compassion. She is knowledgeable in not just nutrition but in Ayurveda practice! I had picked up a very bad protozoan Parasites that had been treated by a Dr to no avail. Besides it not working it made a bigger mess of my gut!  Prajakta guided me through a protocal and thanks to her after a year of other professional s failing I am parasite free finally and with a much healthier gut!!  She’s also helped my husband with heart disease… He no longer has to take 2 of his medications with his diet that she recommended. We are both very thankful to have found her, she’s a true gem whose compassion for her clients goes beyond! You won’t be sorry if you become a client and you will become a much healthier individual!

Barb S

Retired Accountant, Surprise, AZ


• How it Works •

The 4–R’s of Gut Healing


STEP 1: Remove

Remove the foods from your diet that cause inflammation. Although it’s sounds straight forward, reading food labels and understanding how food companies “hide ingredients” is the key to successfully removing inflammatory foods.


STEP 2: Replace

The second step in the process is to replace nutrients that are required for digestion to take place. This means were going to  put good digestive enzymes back into your gut.

STEP 3: Repair

Once your gut has good enzymes in place, we’re going to repair the damage that has been done. We’ll accomplish this through good nutrition, an allergen-free, healthy diet and a variety of foods and supplements that will support cell growth in your digestive tract.

STEP 4: Reinoculate

The last step in healing the gut is reinoculating your gut with good bacteria to regain a health microflora balance. We’ll do this with a balanced high fiber diet, probiotics and prebiotics. This process may take up to 3 months with healing and feeling better. (However, this time may also vary based on each individual).

Other Programs & Packages

Click any of the titles below to read more about each program

Gut Healing Program


If you’re suffering from IBS, IBD, constipation, constant diarrhea, bloating, ulcerative colitis or SIBO, you have an imbalance in your gut. These symptoms occur for a variety of reasons. Whether your condition is caused by food sensitivities, leaky gut or parasite infections, we will address the root cause of the issue and heal your gut with the “4-R’s”.


Autoimmune Disorder Program


Are you eating foods that make you sick? If you’re experiencing nausea, IBS, bloating, hives, autoimmune disorders or joint pain you may have a food allergy or food sensitivity.


Detox Program


For clients affected by anxiety, depression, obesity, brain fog, acne & skin problems, indigestion, insomnia, diabetes or autoimmune conditions, I may recommend a detox program. This needs to be done under expert supervision and advice. Together, we will reduce the toxicity in your body by making changes in your diet and add herbal supplements, antiinflammatory agents and herbal teas to support your liver.


Menu Planning


No Time To Plan Healthy Meals? You aren’t alone. Healthy eating often takes a back seat to hectic life. As a busy mom & business owner, I’m right there with you! Now you can have delicious EASY meal plans with a recipe & shopping list delivered to your inbox each week!


Weight Down, Energy Up! —

Prajakta is wonderful to work with. I had been having issues with my stomach and sleep for a few years. It wasn’t until I started to gain weight very fast that I knew I needed help. I reached out and right away she began to help me. From finding out my food sensitivities to correcting my diet to healing my gut, she took a step by step approach and guided me to feel so much better. My weight dropped back down to where it should be and my energy is up. Many of my gut health issues have been resolved and I have finally started to feel normal again. I would recommend her over and over again.

R. Price

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