3 Juicing Life Hacks That Will Improve Your Health

National-Green-Juice-Day-January-26-2January 26th is National Green Juice Day! This day is observed annually to inspire people to thrive by taking small sips toward a healthier way of living. National Green Juice Day encourages Americans to “take a sip in a brighter direction,” and do something simple for their health and wellness. There are a myriad of benefits that are associated with juicing and it’s a great way to add nutrients from the fruits or vegetables that you normally wouldn’t eat. Juicing gives you an instant shot of vitamins, minerals, and phytonutrients that can help protect against cardiovascular disease, cancer and various inflammatory diseases, like rheumatoid arthritis. But anyone who juices knows how time consuming and messy the juicing process can be. Here are 3 juicing life hacks that will improve your health and save you time.

1.) Prep your produce ahead of time

One of the biggest complaints about juicing is that it takes too long to do. So if you find yourself rushed in the morning before work or running low on time at lunch, why not prepare your produce ahead of time? You can wash and store chopped up ingredients in a container or ziplock bag in the fridge so they’re ready to drop into the juicer when you’re ready.

2.) Use more veggies than fruit

Balance is essential when it comes to juicing and as delicious as fruits are, veggies are far more nutrient rich than fruits and have less sugar than fruit. It’s okay to add fruit in your juices to add some sweetness but you really want to add in a good amount of veggies to get the most nourishment out of your juices.  Try things like kale, spinach, and collard greens.  Though it’s best to keep juices simple, a great rule of thumb is to have two veggies for every fruit, such as blueberries paired with celery and kale or green apples paired with carrot and spinach.

3.) Drink your juice right away

Juice starts to lose its nutritional value as time passes so it’s best to drink juice right after you make it. That’s when it’s at it absolute best quality. The best time to drink your juice is right after you make it. In a pinch you can store juice in the fridge to slow down degradation but you definitely want to drink it within two days or it can go bad quickly. That’s when it is at its absolute best quality. Storing juice in the fridge will slow down degradation but aim to drink it as close to the time you juice as possible.

If you’re looking for a way to reduce inflammation, improve immunity, improve your skin and well, you definitely want to consider juicing. And these 3 juicing life hacks will improve your health and save you time as well. If you’d like to learn more about the benefits of juicing or if you’re looking to add healthier habits to your nutrition regime, contact Right Nutrition Works today!

Healthiest Regards,

Prajakta Apte, RDN

Right Nutrition Works