3 Reasons You Should Never Skip Breakfast

breakfastFebruary is National Hot Breakfast Month which serves as an opportunity to encourage people to eat a healthy breakfast all year round. Breakfast is often said to be the most important meal of the day, yet so many choose to skip it, because they are running late or trying to cut calories. So in honor of National Hot Breakfast Month, here are 3 reasons you should never skip breakfast.

1.) Breakfast helps manage your weight: If you are looking to lose weight or maintain recent weight loss, eating breakfast is vital. Eating a small, sensible breakfast will help you curb hunger throughout the day. When you already have good, sustainable food in your system, you are less likely to make unhealthy food choices throughout your day.

2.) Breakfast improves mental focus: If you’ve ever skipped breakfast to head to class or get to work, you may have noticed you felt groggier and less mentally focused. Those who eat breakfast in the morning are mentally sharper, because they’re fueling their bodies as well as their brains. And who doesn’t want to be more alert and attentive in the morning?

3.) Breakfast gives you energy. If you skip breakfast in the morning, you are essentially running on fumes. You need all the nutrients in a healthy breakfast to help you perform better at work or school. Operating while you feel depleted, low energy and lacking focus also makes you more susceptible to stress and lowered immunity.

The bottom line is people who eat breakfast are generally healthier overall. When you eat a reasonable, healthy breakfast in the morning, you are actually regulating your blood sugar levels and sating your hunger throughout the day. If you’d like some healthy breakfast suggestions or would like to learn more about the foods that give you energy and help manage your weight, please call Right Nutrition Works today. Together, we can help create healthier lives!

Healthiest Regards,

Prajakta Apte, RDN

Right Nutrition Works



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