Happy National Grapefruit Month 

downloadWhen you think about a grapefruit, what comes to mind? Maybe you’re thinking sour or bitter. Or if you are a fan of citrus fruits than you already know some grapefruits can actually be very sweet. Grapefruits are probably not everyone’s favorite fruit but they happen to be very good for your health. The month of February is celebrated as National Grapefruit Month. Get your ruby reds, marsh, pomelo and oroblanco because what better way to start February then to start adding some of these nutritious fruits to your diet. Here are some of the many benefits that grapefruit has towards our health:

  • Grapefruits are a great source of Vitamin C, full of antioxidants to fight off any free radicals that often come from exposure of tobacco smoke or radiation.
  • Grapefruits are low in calories which can be consumed without any guilt of consuming to many calories.
  • Grapefruits are good for your immune system
  • Grapefruits contain fiber which can control one’s appetite
  • Grapefruits may control blood sugar levels

Another way to add grapefruits into your diet is by adding it to certain recipes. A couple of ideas are: salads, drinks, citrus bar desert & even smoothies.

This February get out of your comfort zone and try all the different types of grapefruits.  Your body will thank you for it. You never know you might just love them.

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