Top 10 Hydrating Foods for the Summer

top 10 hydrating foods for summerDid you know? 75 percent of Americans aren’t getting enough water and suffer from chronic dehydration according to a survey from the Nutrition Information Center, New York Hospital-Cornell Medical Center. The summer season is in full swing and with the rising temperatures comes a rise in dehydration. Because dehydration can cause fatigue, foggy memory and slowed metabolism it is definitely in your best interest to stay hydrated and refreshed this summer. Here are the top 10 hydrating foods for the summer.

1.) Watermelon

2.) Tomatoes

3.) Celery

4.) Cucumbers

5.) Strawberries

6.) Chicken Noodle Soup

7.) Eggplant

8.) Applesauce

9.) Zucchini

10.) Cantaloupe

If you’re looking for more tips to fight chronic dehydration or need help eating the right foods to make your feel your absolute best this summer, please contact Right Nutrition Works. In addition to one-on-one consultation and customized meal plans, we work closely with you to help you reach your desired goals one step at a time to help transform you into a more motivated and energized person.

Prajakta Apte, RDN

Right Nutrition Works


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