Achieve your Best Health and Fitness

If you´re tired of feeling tired and confused about your health and fitness, you´ve come to the right place.
Although there is no end to the amount of information on health and fitness out there, most is pretty generic. In other words, it doesn´t apply SPECIFICALLY to you!

I work differently…

Uncover your true potential to be your best self

Recognizing and understanding your own health related problems are the very first steps to helping yourself to achieve your health goals. And I´m there to help you every step of the way.

Through our work together, you will;

  • Prioritize your daily activities and engage in activities that you might be pushing away due to lack of time.
  • Identify various health related problems you are dealing with.
  • Acquire new healthy eating habits to achieve your health goals.

“Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishment.”

- Jim Rohn

Working towards your desired goals one step at a time

Setting goals for yourself is a very essential component of working with me. By setting goals for yourself, you will see an obvious boost your self- confidence. This helps you get the best out of life, leading to success in all aspects of your life.

These goals will help you develop new habits. And each new habit will bring new beginnings and excitement that will encourage you to move forward.

Being persistent with your new healthy eating habits and lifestyle will help you achieve the best health and fitness. This will help you gain the positivity needed in your life to get you to the next level.

The bottom line: You will transform in to a more motivated and energized person.

Why Right Nutrition Works

Nutrition is far more responsible for creating your health and appearance, than you ever could have imagined. Right Nutrition Works’ approach is;

Customized: There is no cookie cutter meal plan! Your medical and diet history is studied systematically followed by a comprehensive analysis of social and cultural factors affecting your condition. During the one-on-one consultation, Prajakta takes your individual needs into account, to develop a personalized and realistic program that works for you!

Empathy: Prajakta actively listens to your needs during one-on-one consultation, to build a strong rapport with you. She believes health is a relationship between you and your body. Her deep understanding of food, nutrition, and human mind helps her analyze your needs and recommends the foods that you enjoy eating.
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