Insurance-based Consultation


  • If you would like to use your insurance for a nutrition consulting session, Right Nutrition Works is pleased to verify your benefits.service-04
  • Please download and complete the Medical Release Form in order for us to contact your primary care doctor to send us the required documents.
  • Please complete the Patient Form.
  • We will then verify your benefits/coverage, number of visits allowed by your insurance and your copay (if there is any). We will then contact you to schedule an appointment.
  • You will meet with a dietitian one on one for a face to face nutrition counseling sessions in her office.
  • Initial nutrition counseling session is about 60-90 minutes long and each follow up session is about 30-40 minutes long.
  • Dietitian will evaluate your current lifestyle and your current medical conditions.
  • Dietitian will work with you to make some healthy changes in your current diet and lifestyle to achieve your health goals.
  • Your health goals will be evaluated at each follow up visit and you will continue to work with a dietitian to make further changes, motivate and build your self-confidence to achieve a healthy and happy life.
  • Written instructions and handouts will be provided to you at every nutrition counseling session.

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