Insurance-Based Consultation

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We understand some patients want to use their insurance for a nutrition consulting session. If you use one of the insurance providers above, Right Nutrition Works would be pleased to verify your benefits/coverage, number of visits allowed by your insurance and your copay (if there is any). Please follow the instructions below to begin the process:

  • Download and complete the Medical Release Form in order for us to contact your primary care doctor to send us the required documents.
  • Complete the Patient Form.

service-04Upon receipt of the forms and insurance information we will contact you to schedule an appointment. You will meet with a dietitian one on one for a face to face nutrition counseling session in her office. The initial nutrition counseling session is about 60–90 minutes while each follow up session  is about 30–40 minutes.

The Dietitian will evaluate your current lifestyle and medical conditions in a caring, empathetic environment. She will work closely with you to make healthy changes in your current diet and lifestyle so you can achieve your health goals. Written instructions and handouts will be provided at every nutrition counseling session and your health goals will be evaluated at each follow up visit. You’ll continue to work side by side with a dietitian to make further changes that will motivate and build your self-confidence to achieve the healthy, happy life waiting for you.


   • Prediabetes

   • Diabetes

   • Kidney Disease

   • High Blood Pressure

   • Cholesterol

Ready to improve the overall quality of your life?

She Changed My Life! —

“I was completely surprised when my Doctor told me I was diagnosed with type2 diabetes. I felt we always ate pretty healthy and the fact that I exercise & walking 5 days a week how can this be?

He referred me to Prajakta Apte, RD @ Right Nutrition Works.

Prajakta is very pleasant, knowledgeable and most helpful. She began our first session stating, this is a lifestyle change and not a diet. She helped me to understand better meal planning and the importance of balancing carbs & proteins and why. Defining the carbs and protein foods along with their portion size is most helpful.

Fiber and the importance of enough fiber in our daily diet along with the different seed sources, Flax, Chia, Hemp seeds that are so easy to add to your smoothies, yogurt, cottage cheese, oatmeal etc. which are very nutritious add-ons.

Reading labels was another area we talked about at great lengths and is so helpful in choosing the most nutritious foods. In this process I have managed to shed pounds, feel better and have more energy.

It has only been three months and I see where this is all going and feel because of my sessions with Prajakta I’m definitely going in the right direction. My husband is also enjoying the benefits of Prajakta nutritional guidance. Thank you, Prajakta! Without you by my side this diagnosis would be more difficult, you helped me to build confidence that I can do it!…..”

Karlene M.

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