What our clients say about us

Here are some of the compliments Right Nutrition Works has received from our clients…

I was diagnosed July of this year with a serious life threatening disease. I was referred by my specialist to a dietitian, Prajakta Apte at Right Nutrition Works. Five months and four visits later Prajakta has created in me a new person with a new outlook on food and me! She showed me how to choose proper food choices by studying food labels that were right choices for combating my illness. Since July I have lost 47 lbs and my numbers are improving. It is an everyday challenge but I am feeling mentally and physically renewed thanks to Prajakta. I am strongly devoted to proper nutrition now that could save my life. She has assisted me in a new course of proper nutrition and healthy living. I will continue to follow her guidance to reach my goals. Prajakta, you have helped me more than you know. THANK YOU so much! Susan K.

Registered Dietitian Client

I was completely surprised when my Doctor told me I was diagnosed with type2 diabetes. I felt we always ate pretty healthy and the fact that I exercise & walking 5 days a week how can this be?

He referred me to Prajakta Apte, RD @ Right Nutrition Works.

Prajakta is very pleasant, knowledgeable and most helpful. She began our first session stating, this is a lifestyle change and not a diet.  She helped me to understand better meal planning and the importance of balancing carbs & proteins and why. Defining the carbs and protein foods along with their portion size is most helpful.

Fiber and the importance of enough fiber in our daily diet along with the different seed sources, Flax, Chia, Hemp seeds that are so easy to add to your smoothies, yogurt, cottage cheese, oatmeal etc. which are very nutritious add-ons.

Reading labels was another area we talked about at great lengths and is so helpful in choosing the most nutritious foods. In this process I have managed to shed pounds, feel better and have more energy.

It has only been three months and I see where this is all going and feel because of my sessions with Prajakta I’m definitely going in the right direction. My husband is also enjoying the benefits of Prajakta nutritional guidance. Thank you, Prajakta! Without you by my side this diagnosis would be more difficult, you helped me to build confidence that I can do it!….. Karleen M.

Prajakta helped Suzie to manage her weight, and control gastroparesis (delayed gastric emptying)

In the counseling session, Prajakta suggested weight loss tips and educated Suzie on “food-label reading” and dietary guidelines to control gastroparesis.

Suzie lost 1.2lb in the first week of diet program and wrote a thank you note. Suzie (Retired Nurse)

Phoenix, AZ

Working with Prajakta Apte has been a pleasure. Because she is totally knowledgeable in her field, I have full confidence in all the guidance she gives me. I especially appreciate her no nonsense, direct approach in answering my many questions and always in a professional, businesslike manner. I doubt that one could find a better nutritionist with whom to work. PK

Nutrition Client

This nutrition course, Mrs. Apte RDN, will change your world! She makes it so easy & exciting to learn and remember what you need to know to eat correctly. Once you grasp this information you will be equipped with a whole new life style of what to eat & what not to eat, resulting in much better health, physically and mentally.

You have this dynamic course with handouts to reinforce, in clean terms, this new information to keep you on track. Prajakta really will change your world! She perfectly adjusts the course to fit your needs.

You will be surprised at how much these new tools clear your mind. Came out a new, wiser person. Sarah S.

LCSW (retired)

When I first came to Right Nutrition Works to learn how to lose weight and reduce my blood-sugar (A1C) readings, I really wondered if I could ever do it!  Now, I’m convinced.  And it was easy.

Even while learning about, carb-counting, sample menus, foods to eat, foods to avoid, and proper exercise, I remained skeptical it’d work.  Or, that I could accomplish it.

But, I’d resolved myself to make an honest effort.

Now, just six months later, I’m convinced!  Within a month, I’d lost 28 lbs. and have kept it off, with ease.  More important, my latest blood test revealed my A1C reading had dropped from 6.4 to to 5.7!

The required carb-counting, portion-control, meal-planning and exercise discipline all became “second-nature” to me within days, and it became easier to accomplish than I’d imagined.  So easy, in fact, that now I can’t envision returning to the eating-exercise habits I’d developed before. Skeptical, but now convinced!

I was so pleased you had so much information to share. I really appreciate how you went through all the information so thoroughly. I feel I understand what to do to assist with my health issues such as diabetes, high potassium, high protein and the diverticulitis issues. Prajakta, I cannot thank you enough for all your time and help. I am glad that my renal doctor recommended you. You are so knowledgeable and I felt so at ease through our session. Again thank you, Carol D.

Sun City, AZ

Prajakta is great! She really listened to our concerns and thoroughly answered our questions. She helped my wife figure out a menu that worked for her during pregnancy to control her blood sugars. We would highly recommended her. Sathish & Poonam

Bullhead City, AZ

Prajakta is one of a kind! She goes above and beyond to ensure her client gets the best clinical advice for their situation, along with guidance, and compassion. She is knowledgeable in not just nutrition but in Ayurveda practice! I had picked up a very bad protozoan Parasites that had been treated by a Dr to no avail. Besides it not working it made a bigger mess of my gut! Prajakta guided me through a protocal and thanks to her after a year of other professional s failing I am parasite free finally and with a much healthier gut!! She’s also helped my husband with heart disease… He no longer has to take 2 of his medications with his diet that she recommended. We are both very thankful to have found her, she’s a true gem whose compassion for her clients goes beyond! You won’t be sorry if you become a client and you will become a much healthier individual! Barb S Barb S.

Ayurveda & Parasite Cleanse Client

Recently my husband and I had the opportunity to seek Prajakta’s help with nutrition for Guajarati ( Indian ) diet for diabetics. Prajakta is quite knowledgeable in nutrition. She has guided us on the values of foods and how they work with balancing our daily diets. Her main talent is that she listens and recommends solutions. She is very caring individual and is conscientious. Thank You! Ramila & Dinesh P.

Prajakta really helped me see where I needed to improve and change my eating habits. She gave me an eating plan and suggestions on certain things to eat based on foods I had told her that I enjoyed. She is friendly, warm, understanding and very approachable. I could always reach her with any questions I had and she would respond promptly. Even though my sessions with her are complete, I plan on staying in touch and keeping her up-to-date on my progress. I highly recommend working with her to reach your nutrition goals! Eydie J.

My internist recommended that I talk with a Nutritionist to make sure I was on the right diet path. I contacted my medical insurance customer service provider and they gave me Prajakta Apte’s name. I set up an in-home appointment with Ms. Apte. It turned out to be one of the best decisions. Ms. Apte is a very kind, non-judgmental person who listens, observes and then makes suggestions as to how best arrive at your goal. She also gives you printed information to help you remember after her initial visit. I am one of those people who does not have time to consider food nor does it impress me. My goal, as it turns out, is to eat. I may never make a three meal, specific time individual but I now have a structure from Ms. Apte which will allow me to devise my own regiment that works for me. I have individual servings of all different types of food separated out in bags which I can grab and snack on through the day as I remember. Since I do not tolerate large intakes of food (lemon pie aside), this allows me to basically get what I need within the day. Not always, life happens and I forget but at least it is a start.

I was so impressed and deeply appreciated Prajakta Apte’s visit. As I said, one of the best decisions I have made in a long time.

Diane R.